Playing Ukraine after the Devaluation

How will investors make money on Ukraine’s currency and banking crisis?
In this brief, I look at the macroeconomic factors underpinning the upcoming financial crisis. I also provide some predictions about the kinds of investments foreign investors will make to profit from Ukraine’s calamity..


How to Prosecute Money Laundering

Interested in learning how to prosecute money laundering? In this training presentation, I show (using Macedonian law) how to prosecute money laundering.



What effect with 3D printing have on manufacturing?

Manufacturing techniques are rapidly changing. What effect will new techniques (like additive manufacturing)

have on companies in the OECD and in developing countries? In this brief, we find that the economies — like China –

which benefitted in the past will become the largest losers.

Writing Ethics-Related Administrative Regulations in Emerging Markets

How can rule-writers in government bodies write ethics-related law? How can such legal drafting reduce corruption and other malfeasance occuring in the public sector?

In this paper, we look at the way in-house counsel and their advisors can draft administrative regulations aimed at reducing corruption. We use the example of Hungary, just to pick a concrete example.



Wealth Management in the Middle East

The Middle East represents an important area to attract capital.  But only for those who know where the wealth is — and how to tap it. In this paper, we review the size of wealth in key Middle Eastern and North African economies. We also look at the ways that wealth managers can tap these markets.

Whither Corporate Governance in Hong Kong?

Corporate governance in Hong Kong almost certainly detracts from investment in Hong Kong. In this paper, you can find statistics showing how much corporate governance contributes to portfolio investment. You can also find recommendations for improving corporate governance in Hong Kong.